The phone call went exactly like this…

Hello, George speaking…

“George… I just left Council and we are adding two extra levels on top”

But you’re forming up Level 1?

“I know… Architect will send you plans tomorrow”

Yes, but you’re in the process of forming the deck for Level 1?

“Ok cool… Architect will send you plans tomorrow… I’ll call you later”

The line went silent…

So imagine this:
• Foundations were built
• All the Basement 2 and Basement 1 structures were completed
• The Ground Floor main transfer deck was well and truly done
• And the boys on site were in the process of forming up the Level 1 slab

Suddenly we found ourselves needing to support an additional two levels of a structure that was not designed to carry an additional two levels.

This was going to be interesting, to say the least.

Using Finite Element Modelling (FEM), we were able to highlight weak areas of the existing structure that needed reinforcement as well as confirm areas that had sufficient strength to resist the new loads.

From the foundations to the supporting columns and walls to the suspended slabs, ACSES Engineers developed a total solution that enabled the extra levels to be added, while still maintaining the overall safety of the structure.

Below are some images of the carbon fibre reinforcement that were retrofitted to the soffit of the transfer slab. A terrific technology that gave us the extra strength we needed. Other strengthening works included widening and underpinning specific foundations as well as ‘beefing up’ specific columns and walls.

Shane and his team at First Class Building did an amazing job pulling it all together and the end result is a building that is safe, two storeys taller, and just about to be handed over to the various new owners.

Well done to all involved…

120332 - 538-540 Railway Parade Hurstville Image 2

120332 - 538-540 Railway Parade Hurstville Image 3

120332 - 538-540 Railway Parade Hurstville Image 4

120332 - 538-540 Railway Parade Hurstville Image 5


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