Imagine if you could grow food with 97% less water and no chemicals?

That’s exactly what Local Roots Farms, a California based company is doing. They have created TerraFarms that can turn any produce into local produce, anywhere.  The TerraFarms are even safer than outdoor operations. By controlling the environment Local Roots, eliminate the plants’ exposure to harmful chemicals, harmful bacteria and other pathogens.

Traditional farming and TerraFarming are almost the same. They use the exact same seeds, exact same minerals and nutrients, and exact same light wavelengths to activate photosynthesis. The main differences are that the light is provided by LED lights instead of the sun and they have removed soil so that plants can directly access dissolved nutrients in the water (what they use anyways!)

In contrast to conventional farms, evaporation and soil seepage do not remove water from the TerraFarms. As the water runs through the farm, any water that’s not taken up by plant roots is recaptured, re-filtered, and recirculated into the system.

What do you reckon? Would you eat food grown by a TerraFarm?